CNA Classes Upcoming at Ancilla College

A new semester at area schools is bringing another opportunity to meet qualifications to become a Certified Nursing Assistant at Ancilla College.

Ancilla is offering the CNA courses beginning February 2nd, but spots are still available for those interested. CNA’s have opportunities to work in long-term care, in home, hospitals, and doctors’ office facilities in the workforce.

Ancilla’s Nursing and Health Sciences Director Ann Fitzgerald says it depends on what you’re interested in.

“It takes approximately six weeks to finish the class – which takes a little longer – but we’ve programming this class for people who have a job already or already have commitments, so those are the types of people that we can help them to become what they want to do,” says Fitzgerald.

The classes are scheduled for two evenings per week with clinical work scheduled for Saturdays.

Fitzgerald says healthcare is currently a wide open field with plenty of job prospects.

“Nurse Aids are making good money, it’s hard work, I don’t lie, but it’s good money that you can make, and you can get a job wherever you like when you get done,” says Fitzgerald.

CNA’s take care of individuals daily living activities, such as food and other basic care.

Ancilla says that if certain individuals are interested, bridge programs are available to receive other nursing qualifications.