Plymouth Works Through Local Requirements For INDOT Facility

Another step for the proposed new INDOT facility in Plymouth will be taken by the Plymouth Plan Commission next week.

Additional consideration is part of numerous actions being hashed out by the City to ensure construction of state level project goes smoothly.

The Indiana Department of Transportation has been working to construct a new sub-district facility with direct access to US Highway 30. Prior to building, land must first be purchased from the Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation – which owns about 37 acres of land currently being divided into three parcels.

Plymouth Planning Consultant Ralph Booker says the project hasn’t seen too many alterations after receiving preliminary approval earlier this month.

“They have also appeared in front of the Plymouth Board of Works to guarantee the financial guaranty’s for this particular commercial subdivision,” says Booker.

Guaranty’s show financial resources are available if any projects fail to meet local ordinance and building requirements.

Now that initial concerns have been addressed, the secondary plat for the 9-million dollar project will come under Plan Commission consideration January 6th. Booker says that should be handled quickly.

“Usually a secondary plat is what they call a ministerial operation in which if everything meets the requirements of the ordinance which in this case it   does, then it’s usually approved,” says Booker.

The City of Plymouth will also oversee the issuance of building permits prior to the construction of the INDOT sub-district facility.

INDOT says they will be taking the project through the state budget process for funding.

Ground breaking is anticipated for 2016.