Marshall County to Join Lawsuit over Theft of Documents

Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger and Marshall County Recorder Marlene Mahler discussed with the commissioners this week the theft of 2,700 documents totaling 39,000 pages out of the county’s computer system.

Clevenger noted that several other counties are facing the same issue with the same company and have been asked to join a multi-county action against the company. Representatives of LPS Real Estate Data Solutions reportedly went in and took data out of the recorder’s office without going through the proper channels to pay for the data wanted. A civil action will be filed against LPS to recover damages for the stolen data and punitive damages.

Chicago Attorney Jason Williams has submitted a proposed contingency fee representation agreement to represent the county in federal court. He’ll be responsible for all expenses.

The recorder’s office would normally charge $1 per page so the company would owe $39,000. The lawsuit would triple that amount.

Mahler said improvements have been made to their computer system so this type of activity is less likely to happen again.

The commissioners approved a motion to allow Commission President Kevin Overmyer to sign the contract and move forward in this process.