Marshall County Commissioners Approve Resolution for Tax Certificate Sale

The Marshall County Commissioners will be moving forward with a tax certificate sale.

Joe Edwards from SRI, Inc. said there were about 30 properties that were not sold in the property tax sale. Those particular properties have not been sold in several years. The redemption period is a little quicker so the properties can be included in the tax rolls in 120 days.

The certificate sale would be held in March in the commissioners meeting room in the Marshall County Building. Proper advertising will be done prior to the sale.

The City of Plymouth has expressed interest on six parcels that would be included in the sale. Edwards said that would be as simple as signing a certificate and taking those properties off the sale.

The commissioners approved a resolution to establish an intent to conduct a commissioners sale to sell tax sale certificates for properties that are severely delinquent in payment of property taxes. The commissioners will establish a minimum bid as the sale date gets closer.