Culver Community Schools Receive School Performance Award

Culver-Community-School-CorporationThe Culver Community School Board learned this week that the corporation recently received the School Performance Award from the state that is just over $35,000. This money will go to effective and highly effective teachers that have been with the corporation for the 2013-2014 school year and are currently still there. The corporation has the option of who gets what amount, but Superintendent Dr. Vicki Mcguire says it will be distributed evenly between each effective and highly effective teacher hopefully before Christmas break.

This is an addition to the title 2A grant that was received earlier this semester from the state for effective and highly effective teachers. A total of $52,747 was received for teachers who perform well in the classroom. Evaluations of the teachers determine who receives part of the grant as a bonus. Director of Operations Chuck Kitchell says $6,000 of the grant will be set aside to help with professional development activities.