The Great American Smoke Out Encourages Smokers to Quit

The American Cancer Society’s Great American Smoke Out is today. It challenges smokers to put down tobacco for one day and is held every year on the third Thursday in November. The number of adults in Indiana who smoke has decreased significantly since 2011, however Indiana’s smoking rate remains among the highest in the nation with over one million adult smokers. Tobacco Control Network Program Director Rachelle Back says today is a big step for those wanting to quit.

“Smokers take that first step on this day. Some have given it up all together. Others give it up for the day and then towards the beginning of the New Year they make a resolution to quit for good. So it’s made a huge impact,” said Back.

A report from the Surgeon General finds smoking rates have decreased significantly since 1964. The report indicates while today’s smokers smoke fewer cigarettes than those 50 years ago, they are at higher risk of developing lung cancer. Changes in the design and composition of cigarettes since the 1950s have increased the risk of adenocarcinoma of the lung, the most common type of lung cancer.

You can receive free help in quitting tobacco by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or visiting To learn more about the Great American Smokeout, visit the American Cancer Society website at