Marshall County Commissioners, Attorney to Review Jail Healthcare Contract

The Marshall County Commissioners and the county attorney will be reviewing the contract with jail’s health care service provider when they meet again on Monday, Nov. 17.

Quality Correctional Care sent Sheriff Tom Chamberlin an agreement and it was then forwarded to County Attorney Jim Clevenger for a four year term. The current one-year contract expires on Dec. 31 of this year. The contract calls for a $153,000 contract price which will be good during each of the four years. That price would be reassessed if the county agrees to renew this agreement in 2019, although the county would review services annually.

There is a legal matter that is being handled dealing with health care at the jail, but the company is covered under their own insurance to cover any negligence on their part, if found at fault.

Overall, Sheriff Chamberlin said he’s been happy with the services.

Clevenger said he’s looked at the contract and it appears in order, but he will review it further and come back with a recommendation for the commissioners during their Nov. 17 meeting.

Quality Correctional Care has been providing medical coverage at the Marshall County Jail since Oct. 1, 2013. The contract has saved the county money in medical expenses including medications.