Marshall County Commissioners Approve Agreement for Jail Healthcare

The Marshall County Commissioners discussed a contract between the county and Quality Correctional Care, LLC.

Quality Correctional Care, LLC provides the jail’s healthcare needs. The company has provided pharmaceutical needs, a full-time nurse and doctor visits since October of 2013. The current contract expires on Dec. 31 of this year.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger explained that the new contract would be for a four-year term at a cost of $153,000 for the base compensation per year. That figure would not change throughout the duration of the contract. Some add-ons are also available. The monthly cost would be $12,750. A doctor will visit once a week along with a psychologist and a nurse will be there 40 hours a week.

Clevenger noted that the agreement provides indemnification both ways. If the sheriff’s department is negligent in a healthcare-reported incident, they would indemnify Quality Correctional Care. If Quality Correctional Care is negligent in a healthcare-related incident, they would indemnify the county.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin previously stated that he was happy with the services provided by the county.

The contract would be good through Dec. 31, 2018.

The commissioners unanimously approved the agreement between the county and Quality Correctional Care.