Culver Middle School Lock-in Scheduled

The Culver Community Middle School will be holding a lock-in this month to raise money for the 8th grader’s end of the year field trip to Kings Island. Both 7th and 8th grade students from the middle school will be able to participate in the evening’s activities. Games and food will be available during the lock in which starts at 6 p.m. ET and runs until 11 p.m. Middle and High School Principal Brett Berndt says although it’s not a traditional all night lock-in students will still be able to have fun and raise money for the trip.

“It takes them to a place where they can have fun and it’s a safe place they can have fun. That’s the biggest thing about it. We are going to have different rooms open doing different things so we are going to have plenty of activities to choose from which is nice for them. Add the factor of playing a dodgeball tournament, basketball tournament and getting an extra dollar out of each team is just a way for them to have fun and still raise money for themselves. It’s a double win for them so to speak. It’s a good idea by the 8th grade class. They did a great job of coming up with this so hopefully it turns out to be a successful one for them,” said Berndt.

Berndt added it has been awhile since the 8th graders went on an end of the year trip.

“Unfortunately I know in the past couple of years they haven’t had a chance to go to Kings Island because they didn’t get enough funds to do so. So here is a good incentive for the kids to try to participate, raise those funds so they can lower their cost per individual to go to that trip,” said Berndt.

The lock-in is scheduled for Nov. 21st and will cost $5 per student for entry.