Bomb Threat Reported at Culver Community Middle and High School

A bomb threat was reported at the Culver Community School Corporation today, according to School Superintendent Dr. Vicki McGuire. A note was left inside a restroom stall at the middle and high school building. McGuire said they evacuated the building to ensure the safety of their students. She added nothing was found in the building.

“The students did an outstanding job. They followed their directions. They did exactly as they were asked to do by the teachers and also the staff members were outstanding at putting our student’s safety first. They took care of our students from the second that they were informed they needed to evacuate the building. Everything went smoothly. Everything went according to our plans,” said McGuire.

McGuire said no one was injured and classes continued after the search. The threat turned out to be false and the school took appropriate action to ensure the safety of everyone.