Jefferson Street Bridge Rehabilitation Continues

The repairs to the Jefferson Street Bridge in Plymouth are on schedule.

Supervisor of County Highways Jason Peters told the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday morning that work is nearly done on the west side of the bridge.

“They’re actually hoping to have that end of the bridge done by Friday. Of course it will be closed for probably a week before that end will all be said and done. Then, they’ll start on the east end. On the east end, they do have the sidewalk off. I think, in previous years, they must have actually cut a hole in the cement and filled it with cement and it actually ran down on the gas line,” Peters said.

The crews are working with caution around that gas line to ensure no other problems are present.

The retaining walls have also been built. It was determined that the city’s storm drains were not a cause of the issue and drains weren’t damaged.

Peters noted that there is a rather large crack in the cement on the northeast side of the road that goes all the way across which will need to be addressed.

“They are thinking about possibly taking that section out. It’s got a half-inch crack. It hasn’t done anything, it’s just cracked. Once they get they get the rest of the sidewalk out and see what’s underneath there, they go to the next step.”

Commissioner Jack Roose commented that while the workers are there, they might as well fix things the way they should be and not leave them for future issues.