Humane Society Director Offers Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Tonight’s Halloween trick-or-treating raises safety concerns for homeowners with pets. Starke County Humane Society Director Shanna Lloyd says trick-or-treating is fun for the kids but can be dangerous for your pets.

“Our pets unfortunately get very frightened not only by the noise but by the costumes and when the door is opened long enough for your dog or your cat to escape then they are surrounded by kids they don’t know. So they will go and they’ll run and they’ll hide. They’ll get up under vehicles. They’ll go into sheds and unfortunately sometimes they run so far away from home you may not be able to find them again,” said Lloyd

Lloyd adds candy should be kept away from pets.

“Chocolate is toxic not only to dogs but also to cats. There are other ingredients in candy that are actually more toxic than even chocolate. These are some of the sugar free candies that may contain xylitol and that can lead to serious consequences if your pet would ingest any of those. Not only that but the wrappers themselves can pose a danger if the animal is to ingest that it could create a blockage and you could have an immediate problem that would require surgery,” added Lloyd

Lloyd also says keeping your pets safe and secure inside your home is the best way to know they are alright.

“We always encourage everyone to make sure if you are going to hand out candy to go ahead and just put your dog or your cat in a bedroom somewhere or a bathroom. Just keep them in there so they are safe during the trick-or-treating hours,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd recommends making sure your pets have their collars and ID tags on in case they do run away.