Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

With Halloween trick-or-treating tomorrow evening, parents are urged to consider safety tips before children leave the house.

Keep costumes short to prevent children from tripping and falling. Add reflective tape to dark costumes to keep children visible at night. Children are encouraged to wear make-up instead of wearing a mask for better safety.

Children should stop at familiar homes and remind them to not enter a stranger’s home or car. Only trick-or-treat at homes will outdoor lights illuminated. If they will be out after dark, give them a flashlight and suggest they travel in well-lit areas.

Children should not eat candy until parents inspect each piece.

Motorists are reminded they should do their part to make Halloween safe for children. Drive cautiously and below the speed limit while in town during trick-or-treat hours. Excited children may dart out into traffic at any time. Turn on your headlights even during the daylight hours so your vehicle is more visible to children.