Culver Fire Department Getting New Fire Truck

The Culver Fire Department will be getting a new squad truck to start off the new year. Every five years the fire department sells the oldest vehicle in their fleet and purchases a new one. The new truck is expected to be just over $300,000. The town will pay $151,455 out of the General Fund while the fire department has plans to set $20,000 aside for each of the next five years to pay that back. The township will pay the remaining balance of the new truck. Culver Fire Chief Terry Wakefield explains the payment assistance from the town and the township .

“Our township pays for half of our vehicles because we run the township and the town. So part of this money is from the town the other part of the money is from the township. Then the vehicle sale of our old squad truck will give half of that to go back into paying for this 300,000,”said Wakefield.

Wakefield added the new vehicle will replace a 25 year-old squad truck. He expects the truck to arrive sometime in December to be ready for work in January.