Building Inspector Reports High Permit Purchases in 2014

Marshall County Building Inspector Chuck DeWitt gave the Marshall County Commissioners a quarterly update where he announced the number of permits beginning in August and their permit values.

“We had 35 permits totaling approximately $1.6 million, giving us almost $30 million for the year,” explained DeWitt. “We had 183 inspections during August. In September, we had 52 new permits with a value of $2.4 million which gives us a total of $32 million for the year and 326 permits. We’re probably going to be on track to have about 425 to 440 total permits which is an exceptional year.”

During the quarter, there were 11 health and substandard housing inspections. Those are county-wide and within the incorporated town limits. Some are reported by neighbors or by the health department.

“I’ve got some under investigation right now with the health department. I’ve got one with the town of Argos. One with the health department will have to be brought up to let’s say safe standards so there’s not a risk to health and safety as far as the building goes. The third one with the health department needs to be fixed and cleaned up to make it habitable.”

DeWitt noted that there is a greater awareness to clean up neighborhoods and more calls are being made to inspect homes for health issues and for environmental issues.