Ancilla College Offers Free Tuition to Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Ancilla College is rewarding high school students who finish at the top of their class. Beginning in 2015, Ancilla College will be offering full tuition scholarships to the top high school graduates from schools in 10 north-central Indiana counties. Ancilla’s Val-Sal Scholarship offers free full-time tuition, as much as $13,500 each year, to local graduates who attend Ancilla.

Local salutatorians, traditionally students who graduate second in their class, will be offered up to $10,000 in free tuition. Ancilla College Professor Kristin Korcha says starting your college career at Ancilla can be very beneficial.

“To stay local and to really start your education here with us is just fantastic. Having worked in this community for over ten years in teaching I see firsthand how important it is to really get to know your professors, small class sizes, you can commute and save money from having the tuition and then also being able to have the chance to save up so that when you get ready for your four year school you can just transfer there,” said Korcha.

Korcha added that transferring from Ancilla to a four year school is quite easy to do.

“We have articulation agreements where you can go for two years with us and just go right into some of those schools seamlessly. You don’t have to wait and see will my credits transfer, I just don’t know. We work with a lot of the schools that the students are going to and we do that on purpose,” added Korcha

Ancilla offered over $900,000 in academics, need-based, and athletic scholarships last school year. Over 93 percent of the students at Ancilla received financial aid of some kind.