Ancilla College and Local Businesses Team up for Student Internships

Ancilla College is offering students hands on training and real life experience internship opportunities with local businesses. Students will have the chance to go out and work in positions they are interested in to see if they like it. Ancilla College Professor Kristin Korcha says the college is taking the right steps to help students figure out their career path.

“Business, communication, science, math you name it we have internships that offer that. And it’s one on one. What we do is we talk with the student and we say what are you interested in doing. It’s not really just a generalized program in which we say here just go work for somebody else. It’s not like that at all. It really is sitting down with the student having the student fill out a needs survey that says basically this is what I want to do and hope to get from the program,” said Korcha.

Korcha added students really benefit from these internship programs.

“The students who are doing it say within a semester they pretty much know this is where they want to go or maybe this is good because they get college credit for it but maybe they need to switch it up a little bit,” added Korcha.

Korcha says it is a huge plus that students get to work with local businesses in their community. If your business is interested in working with Ancilla students for an internship, contact Kristen Korcha at 1-866-ancilla or online at