Culver Town Council Holds off on Movie Theater Project

The Culver Town Council decided Tuesday night to hold off on moving forward with any plans for the Culver movie theater.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist recommended waiting to see what the budget outlook will be in 2018 and pick up the conversation then. The property is for sale and it could sell by the time the council feels comfortable in revisiting a proposal to study facility and rehabilitation needs for the building.

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Culver Movie Theater Proposals Headed to the CRC

The Culver Town Council discussed the purchase of the Culver Movie Theater and received two proposals that will give the council and the Culver Redevelopment Commission a better idea of what to expect in terms of costs.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist presented proposals from the Troyer Group and SRKM that he said include plans for a public meeting to gather comments on the uses for the theater, a preliminary project budget for outlaying the capital costs for repairs on the building, a structural engineering assessment of the building, and a basic outline for a business plan with annual expenses versus revenue expenses for whatever concept may occupy the building.

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Culver Town Council to Meet Tonight

The Culver Town Council will meet tonight. Town Manager Jonathan Leist will present his report which will include an update on the Stellar Communities Designation Program grant.

Council President Ginny Bess Munroe appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners last week where the county governing body agreed to support the town’s quest in becoming a stellar community. Munroe said the Town of Culver was looking to show a united front with the county to include in their finalist packet due by Aug. 25.

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Culver Movie Theater Owner Presents Proposal to Town Council

The Culver Town Council met in a work session Wednesday afternoon to hear information from the owner of the Culver Movie Theater in his attempt to sell the landmark to the town.

The owner, who would only be referred to as Tom, said he’s put $30,000 into the property in the installation of new sewer and water lines as well as other maintenance measures to shore up the building. He said he paid $100,000 for the property and will sell the property to the town for the amount that he’s into it which is $130,000.

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