Plymouth School Superintendent Reviews Legislative Proposals

Local school administrators continue to keep an eye on the state legislative session. Plymouth School Superintendent Andy Hartley updated the school board Tuesday on a few bills making their way through the Indiana General Assembly.

One measure would change the state’s high school diploma system from the several diplomas available now to one single diploma with different designations. Hartley said similar bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate, and he expects the measure to move ahead.

He also mentioned that a State Board of Education panel is working on the details of new graduation pathways, after the board approved the concept back in December. Hartley said another bill would require high schools to offer at least one semester of computer science by 2021. Meanwhile, state officials are also working on changes to the school accountability grade formula.

Hartley added that various bills have been introduced that seek to fix a school funding shortfall. The amount of money allocated during last year’s legislative session isn’t enough to cover the number of students according to the approved funding formula.

Other education-related bills include a cursive writing bill and a bill that would officially allow students to carry sunscreen without a prescription.