Plymouth School Board Approves 2019 High School History Trip

Plymouth High School students will once again have the chance to experience some of their history lessons firsthand. Last week, the school board approved a 12-day European field trip for the summer of 2019.

Teacher Ryan Wolfe explained that it’s part of a plan to offer a major trip every two years. A few months ago, board members got the chance to hear about students’ 2017 trip. Wolfe said next year’s will be similar, but it will feature some different stops. “This one is a little more artsy,” he said. “The last one was really all World War II. Every museum we went to was a World War II museum. This one, we will go to London for two days. We will then travel to Normandy for two days, and actually, 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. . . . Then we do go to Paris again, but this time, we go to Florence and Rome.”

Wolfe added that a call-out meeting drew interest from about 50 potential travelers, compared to the 19 that went on last year’s trip. That includes three repeat travelers and a few younger siblings of students who went on last year’s trip, according to Wolfe and fellow teacher Melissa Faulstich.

They said the long-term goal is to expand the school’s travel club, nicknamed the Adventurous Pilgrims, to include weekend trips closer to home.