End-of-Year Financial Report Shows Increased Balance for Culver Community Schools

The Culver School Board received an end-of-year financial report during their meeting last Monday.

Culver Superintendent Karen Shuman shared that the school corporation saw positive results from their sensible spending methods in 2017.

She stated, “We were happy with the way we’ve been spending. It has contributed to a greater balance than at the end of last school year, by almost $500,000.”

She said that while they are currently working to maintain and even increase their revenues, they have to keep an eye on changes that could be made at the state level.

“As the state changes our financial silos, we would need to look at other ways to generate revenue in our capital funds silo,” according to the superintendent.

Superintendent Shuman mentioned that staff and school board members are currently working to come up with some new ways to create income.