Triton Students and Staff Make Adjustments to Deal with Flooded Gym Floor

Former Triton Elementary School Principal Jeremy Riffle attended his first school board meeting as superintendent on Monday. Riffle said one of the first matters he had to deal with as superintendent was an incident that flooded the Jr./Sr. High School Gym floor.

He explained, “A door was accidentally pushed open and the snow stopped the door, essentially kiddos leaving to go to a game and so a pipe burst which then flooded the gym floor.”

He went on to say that the floor is more than 50 years old, so all attempts to dry the wood were unsuccessful due to the absorbent material used underneath. He said they’re working to address it as quickly as they can before mold becomes an issue. On Monday night he will declare it as an emergency since it is an instructional area.

In the meanwhile, the P.E. teachers are currently using an alternative area to conduct classes and have adjusted their curriculum slightly. Additionally, he said the Triton Girls Varsity Basketball senior night had to be moved to the elementary school gym.

However, the players were apparently good sports about the site change and embraced the nostalgia. Riffle said, “Senior Night, you can imagine the emotions on that but they did a great job and essentially they chalked it up to, you know, we’re going to end where we started.”

Riffle said school officials have already met with one flooring company but they are currently waiting on their insurance adjusters to give them some estimates. He said after they get through all the red tape, the renovation should take about 6 weeks to complete.