Open Seats in Marshall County for 2018 Elections

Many Marshall County positions will be up for election this year including the Judge for Superior Court 1 as well as the County Prosecutor, Clerk, Auditor, Recorder, Assessor and Sheriff. Wednesday marks the first day that a declaration of candidacy may be filed.

According to Jaley Schinbeckler with the Marshall County Clerk’s Office, elections will also be held for all township trustees and board members and the county commissioner in District 1 as well as county councils in districts 1 through 4. Two seats are open on the Argos and Culver Town Councils and one seat is open for Bourbon Town Council.

For school boards, Bremen has one seat open in District 1 and another open seat outside of the town of Bremen in District 2. In Culver, one seat is open in the North Bend Township and one is open in the Tippecanoe Township. There are three open seats for the John Glen School Board with one seat open in the Lincoln, Liberty and Polk townships.

In Plymouth, there is one seat open for District 1-Center Township and another for District 3 – in town. The Triton School board has three open seats, one for District1-Tippecanoe Township, another for District 2-Etna Township and the last seat is for District 4- the Town of Bourbon. In La Ville, one seat is open in North Township and another in Union Township.

Four people from the Lake of the Woods district will be elected to the LOTW Regional Sewer District.

At the state level, there will be an election held for the State Treasurer, Auditor and Secretary of State and both parties will hold state conventions in the summer, with delegates elected in the primary. Federal elections for US Senate and US Rep 2nd District will also be held.