State Fire Marshal Provides Alternative Heating Tips

Around this time of year, many people are doing whatever they can to keep the effects of winter weather out of their homes. However, for your own safety, there are a few things you should know before you do so.

According to State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson, alternative heating sources are one of the leading causes of home fires and account for 19 percent of home fire deaths in the U.S. Marshal Greeson advises Hoosiers to take particular precautions if alternative heating equipment is utilized in order to ensure safety this season.

He advises residents to never leave space heaters on in unoccupied rooms and to only have one heater plugged in to each electrical outlet. Be to keep heaters away from loose or flammable objects such as clothing, curtains, bedding and furniture.

Due to the associated dangers, Greeson says that people should avoid using space heaters and alternative heating sources if possible. He says if it is necessary to purchase a space heater, consider purchasing one with built-in tilt or heat sensors that automatically switch off it the unit tips over or overheats.

For more information about alternative heating and other helpful safety tips visit The Indiana Department of Homeland Security website.