Plymouth City Council Members Approve all Appointments as Presented

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter and City Council members unanimously approved all appointments as presented during Wednesday night’s city council meeting. The council appointed Billy Ellinger and Mike Miley to the Redevelopment Commission. Each of them will serve a 1-year term, ending December 31st 2018.

The Mayor’s report included appointing Ken Houin and Joe Mersch to the Aviation Commissioners, Robert Listenberger to the Park and Recreation Board and Art Jacobs to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Each of those members will serve 4-year terms, ending December 31st 2021.

Additionally, Dan Tyree, Tom Pedavoli and Nancy Felde were appointed to the Redevelopment Commission for 1-year terms, ending December 31st 2018. Vida Creed was appointed to the Alcoholic Beverage Board for a 1-year term as well.

Lastly, Mike Miley, Duane Culp and Mike Delp were appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission where they will serve 2-year terms ending the final day of 2019.