Plymouth School Board Approves Technology Policies

Getting Plymouth Schools’ technology back up and running after an emergency is the goal of a policy approved by the school board last week.

Superintendent Andy Hartley first brought it to board members during last month’s meeting. “So in the case of a catastrophic event, this will relay the plans that we have to keep us up and running,” he said at the time, “kind of that bare-bones technology piece, as soon as possible.” While the policy outlines the scope of the “Continuity of Organizational Operations Plan,” the plan itself will remain confidential.

A couple other technology-related policies were also considered at the same time. One outlines the steps being taken to help protect data collected by the school corporation. Among other provisions, it requires that anyone granted access to that information must certify that they’re following protocols.

The other policy restricts the personal use of the corporation’s technology by students and staff members. With little further discussion during this week’s meeting, the school board approved all three policies unanimously.