Local Food Pantry to Benefit from Bremen Public Schools Allowing the Community to Utilize Facilities

Some facilities at Bremen Public Schools could potentially see some community use in 2018, according to Superintendent Dr. Jim White.

The superintendent shared that the possibility of opening the schools up to residents for recreational use has been an ongoing matter of discussion with school board members for the past couple of months. These opportunities would be available on Sundays during the months of January, February and March.

Though it wouldn’t cost any money to participate, Dr. White did say they would encourage patrons to give something in return. He said, “All we’re asking for as an “entry fee” would be for people to bring in a non perishable food item that we can donate to the local food pantry.”

Dr. White mentioned that available facilities would include the pool and two of the gyms. He said they’re looking to encourage various activities such as swimming, basketball and maybe even pickle-ball and some other athletic activities.