Culver Superintendent Shares Plans to Tackle Jr/Sr High Cafeteria Project

When the Culver Community School Board met last week, Superintendent Karen Shuman shared a few updates about a remodeling project that will be tackled in the near future.

All three elements of the project; lighting, furnishing and flooring, would be focused in the cafeteria at the Junior/Senior High School building. According to Principal Brett Berndt, certain elements of the cafeteria date back nearly 50 years. During a previous school board meeting he mentioned how the floors have not been renovated since they were installed in 1968.

Superintendent Shuman informed board members that bids are out and now they’re waiting to hear back with particular costs. Once the numbers are in, they’ll be able to compare and contrast and then decide which contractors would be the best to utilize for the work that they hope to get done.

Shuman added that once they know who will be used for the projects, the work will commence during Christmas break. She said everything seems to be on schedule, so the work is expected to be complete before kids return from break.