Bremen School Board Passes New Communication Policy

When the Bremen School Board met last Monday, members held the second reading over a policy detailing specific guidelines for board member and staff communication.

Superintendent Dr. Jim White said the policy was developed in order for there to be a delineated procedure to follow when board members and staff talk to each other. He said they wanted to clear up any confusion about the expectations of various positions within the school corporation.

“If a board member perhaps innocently reaches out to an administrator or a group of teachers and then there gets to be blurred lines.” He explained that they’ll be left to wonder, “Is this person reaching out as a parent, a board member, a community member, you know, how do I respond?”

Dr. White said they wanted to avoid making individuals feel as though they have multiple bosses to answer to so the policy states that all individuals should bring their comments to the superintendent and he will serve as the line of communication between faculty and board members.

The policy was passed on second reading with unanimous board approval.