Plymouth School Board Updated on Marshall County Promise Program

Kindergartners and first-graders got a chance to see what it’s like to go to college, thanks to the Marshall County Promise program. A group of first-graders from Webster Elementary School discussed their recent Walk into My Future trip with the Plymouth School Board last week. Students from across Marshall County got the chance to visit Ancilla College. There, they walked around the campus, visited a science lab, and even examine insects.

It was all part of the Marshall County Promise program, which encourages families to start saving for college by opening a 529 college savings account. Meanwhile, students are encouraged to think about what they could be when they grow up, and which people in their lives can help them get there. Many Webster students said they wanted to be a police officer or a teacher, but there were also some less conventional choices, like “fashionista” and a chef who specializes in chocolate milk.

Plymouth School Superintendent Andy Hartley praised the program. “That Marshall County Promise program and the partnership that we have with Ancilla College is really valuable in providing two great days,” he said. “Not just first-graders but kindergartners have been able to be on campus again for a Walk into My Future event, allowing students to interact with college students, professors, to create a little excitement about going to college when they get older.”

This was the second year Plymouth students took part in the event.