Water Main Extension Project Along State Road 17 Considered by Plymouth BOW

On Tuesday evening, Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson came before the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety with a request. He presented a proposal from Midwest Engineering Services that provided the design, bidding, construction and engineering plans and easement services for a water main extension project proposed along U.S. 17.

Davidson explained that recently there has been some interest in constructing an assisted living facility on a piece of property on the north side of SR 17. The piece of property was annexed several years ago and though a sewage system already exists in the area, Davidson said the main line will need to be extended approximately 900 feet from its current location.
He said his department and developers have been communicating and their intention is to extend the pipe to the property line and then owners would be responsible for it from there.

Davidson said the proposal from Midwestern Engineering Services is $18,000 for design engineering, $8,000 for construction engineering, bidding services for those would cost $10,000 and $7,500 was proposed for easement survey. Though he provided these figures, he said they could be subject to change when construction on the site commences.

The board members unanimously approved the request, allowing the Plymouth utility department to enter into an agreement with Midwest Engineering to complete the water main extension for the proposed assisted living facility on State Road 17.