Help Still Available for Taxpayers Filing 2016 Tax Returns

Taxpayers who still need to file their 2016 tax returns can still get some help, according to the Internal Revenue Service. October 16 is the filing deadline for many of those granted an extension on their tax returns. The IRS says those individuals can still take advantage of several programs.

Electronic filing is an option for those who buy their own tax software, and it’s required for most tax professionals. Statistically, those who file electronically make fewer mistakes on their tax returns, according to IRS officials.

Additionally, IRS Free File is available to all taxpayers. Brand-name software is available to those making $64,000 or less, while taxpayers at any income level can use the online fillable forms.

On top of that, free face-to-face tax help is still available for those who qualify. Those include people with low-to-moderate incomes, those with disabilities, senior citizens, and people who speak English as a second language.

The IRS also encourages taxpayers to double check whether they’re eligible for certain tax credits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Savers Credit, and the American Opportunity Tax Credit.