Bourbon Woman to Pay $18,000 Restitution, Following Martin’s Supermarket Theft

A Bourbon woman accused of stealing more than $30,000 from a Plymouth grocery store will only have to pay back about $18,000. Halie Zimmerman, 20, allegedly stole the money while she was working at Martin’s Supermarket last year. She’s agreed to pay back just under $18,000 as part of a plea agreement accepted last week in Marshall Superior Court I.

Court documents indicate that Zimmerman falsified returns and “meat coupons” while she worked at the store between June and November of 2016, according to the Pilot News. Martin’s reported the theft to Plymouth Police in March of this year.

In April, the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office charged Zimmerman with theft and forgery, both Level 6 felonies. While Zimmerman reportedly admitted to taking money from Martin’s, she disputed the $30,500 figure that investigators came up with.

Prosecutor Nelson Chipman says his office was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that $17,914.78 was stolen. When the plea deal was first filed, it set Zimmerman’s restitution $10,000 lower, according to the Pilot News. Chipman says the first “1” was inadvertently left off, and the mistake was corrected before final approval was given in court.

In addition to the restitution, Zimmerman was also sentenced to 60 days behind bars, according to the Pilot News. However, that time was credited from time she’d already spent in jail. Zimmerman was also placed on probation for 840 days, and the forgery count was dropped.