State Fire Marshal Stresses Fireworks Purchase Safety

Independence Day is less than a month away, and the Indiana State Fire Marshal is reminding Hoosiers about safe and legal ways to purchase fireworks.

Jim Greeson says consumer-grade fireworks should only be purchased from authorized sellers in the interest of safety.

Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s (IDHS) Fire and Building Safety Division, which is overseen by the State Fire Marshal, issues Indiana fireworks sales permits to retail establishments.

Greeson says it is acceptable to ask an employee to see the permit before completing a purchase if it is not on display.

If a fireworks retailer is not displaying a copy of its permit and cannot present it, citizens can call the IDHS Division of Fire and Building Safety at 317-232-2222 to verify a retailer’s permit or report a retailer without a permit.

Additionally, fireworks cannot be sold to our bought by anyone younger than 18.

Greeson also recommends buying glow sticks instead of sparklers for young children. He notes sparklers can burn at temperatures hot enough to melt glass. Consumers should also check packages and labels to make sure only 1.4G consumer fireworks are purchased.

Greeson says any other types are illegal for consumer sales or purchase in Indiana and may be more explosive and dangerous.

All fireworks should be stored in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

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