Local “American Pickers” Episode to Air Tonight

American Pickers 2The “American Pickers” episode featuring a Marshall County man is scheduled to air tonight on The History Channel. The show’s hosts, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, were in the area last fall and spent the day with a colorful local character going through is treasures. They include everything from automobiles and memorabilia to collections of hula girls and mannequins.

The Marshall County Chamber of Commerce gave the show’s producers his name. Before Mike and Frank showed up to pick, he says the producers did several weeks of research that started with submitting photos of his collection. After reviewing them, a representative from the show came out for a visit and shot film of his collection, which the team reviewed.

After the initial legwork, Mike and Frank showed up with a crew of about a dozen or so people. They spent a full day picking and visiting. He says they are as down-to-earth as they appear to be on the show because they are just a couple of common guys. He adds the entire process ran very smoothly, as their helpers had everything itemized and ready to check out. After the money changed hands, the workers loaded the purchases and left.

Frank and Mike did leave with a few treasurers, including a pair of Harley-Davidson motorcycle boots for $50.

Many items in the extensive collection date back to the owner’s childhood during the Great Depression. He says gifts were scarce, which made them that much more precious.

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*Editor’s note: The family requested we not use the man’s name or address for the sake of his safety, and we happily obliged.