Employee Retention Ongoing Issue and Marshall-Starke Development Center

news-3The Marshall-Starke Development Center says they are working to attract and retain employees.

The organization – which serves developmentally disabled adults – discussed their work with the Marshall County Commissioners earlier this week while giving their annual report. Families and their youth are primarily served in the immediate area, but residents from Fulton and St. Joseph counties also participate.

President Michael Lintner says they’ve run into some problems with their available capacity.

“We’ve actually had to have some people wait and not bring them into the programs because we haven’t had adequate staffing,” says Lintner.

The Marshall-Starke Development Center will have a new CEO beginning April 1st. Jodie Smith, who has been employed at the site for 23 years, will take over the duties of managing the $6.2-million budget.

Plenty of developmentally disabled individuals are supported by the site, meaning upwards of 170 employees are needed to continue providing the services. Officials with the Marshall-Starke Development Center say attracting those employees has become a difficult prospect.

There are currently 12 openings at the Marshall-Starke Development Center. Smith says employees are typically looking for a different working environment.

“The individuals who work in the homes, work second and third shift,” says Smith. “They tend to want to find a day job. They get a day job, and then they move on.”

No action was taken by the commissioners on Monday.

The Marshall-Starke Development Center says they were looking for suggestions to combat their continuing employee attraction issues.