Greater Analysis Expected with Future Sheriff’s Department Camera Upgrade

SheriffThe Marshall County Sheriff’s Department will be getting an upgrade to some equipment used to interview possible suspects.

During Monday morning’s County Commissioners meeting, Sheriff Matt Hassel and Prosecutor Nelson Chipman presented information about the upgrades. Currently, the system used by Marshall County to interview individuals associated with crimes relies on the use of cameras.

Hassel says this was in the works prior to his election as Sheriff.

“We’d like to update to high-definition, install an additional camera in the interview room, and also do a second interview room with two cameras in that room,” says Hassel. “Also we would connect our breathalyzer – which is back in the booking area of our jail – would be connected directly to this system.”

The new system is consistent with the old system, allowing law enforcement officials to continue collecting video information in a database. Changes, though, include allowing the Prosecutor to conference into certain interviews for the purpose of research.

Adding more camera angles was cited as a needed upgrade. Chipman believes in the use of body language as a method for explaining deceitful behavior. He says there’s a considerable body of research that supports the analysis.

“Right now, the camera angle doesn’t capture the full body of the person being interview and what is being designed, to be scientifically accurate, is to do a full body as the person is sitting there, talking,” says Chipman.

The video and camera system is expected to cost about $18-thousand. That expense will be shared by the Prosecutor’s office and Sheriff’s Department.

The Marshall County Commissioners approved the purchase, unanimously.