Marshall County Looking to Gather More Accurate Data on Homelessness

UnitedWayLogo%20Color(1)Marshall County is looking to better understand the scope of its homeless population with a survey taking place this month.

According to information provided by the United Way of Marshall County, the organization is employing the help of the Marshall County Neighborhood Center to undertake the study.

Right now, the Department of Housing and Urban Development does not recognize any homeless individuals in Marshall County. Social service workers at churches and non-profit organizations can attest that the figure is inaccurate.

The survey is planned to take place at the end of this month, and is designed to get a more accurate count of the homeless population. The United Way of Marshall County says identifying the scope of the problem is the first step in combating homelessness.

Gathering the information is only a small part of the survey. By updating their homelessness data, Marshall County may position themselves for federal grant opportunities and other resources such as job training and housing assistance.

The United Way of Marshall County is currently in the process of posting flyers at businesses and community gathering places with high foot traffic to spread the word about the survey.

The count will take place January 27th.