Marshall County Adds Names to Growing Candidate List

vote-3Marshall County has attracted a few more names to the ballots heading into 2016’s primary and general elections.

The latest check indicates quite a few names have been added to the list of possible precinct committeemen. So far, 13 names have filed to run on the Republican ticket for the office. Marshall County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman, however, has since withdrawn his name from both the precinct and state convention delegate races.

According to the Marshall County Clerk’s office Benny Baker, Tamera Borggren, Jill Hassel, Robert Manuwal, Donna Pontius, Judy Stone, and Mark Thompson have all filed to serve as a precinct committeeman. That’s in addition to those who have previously filed.

For those seeking representation as a Marshall County state convention delegate, several Democratic Party members have tossed their names in for consideration, including: Susan Crump, Mary Jo Finley, James Helmke, and Michelle Livinghouse.

On the Republican side, Jesse and Jon Bohannon have recently filed as a possible state convention delegate.

The Marshall County Council has seen its first Democratic candidate file to run as well. Donna Wenzel has decided to seek one of the at-large council seats.

Bridget Hite has opted to run as a Republican for County Coroner.

The candidate list has grown quite a bit since the opening date for filings earlier this year. Candidates have until February 5th to finalize their paperwork for consideration.