FAFSA Forms Now Available

FAFSA-formStudents interested in going to college this fall can start applying for financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid for next school year is now available.

Ancilla College Director of Financial Aid Marcy Hopple says there’s no obligation to attend college but students who may be thinking about it need to start filling out the form soon to be eligible for the most money if they decide to go. “They need to be completing it by the March 10 deadline, which is the Indiana state filing deadline and they need to include at least one Indiana school on their application in order to be considered for Indiana grants,” she says.

She recommends that all prospective college students file the FAFSA, whether they think they need financial aid or not, “The form is free to file. You’re still eligible for aid. There is aid available for students that don’t have need. That would be available in the form of a student loan or a parent loan. So there are other resources that are available for those that think their income’s too high.”

In order to fill out the form, students and their families should have their financial information and tax forms ready, or they can complete the FAFSA by estimating what their income is going to be. To fill out the FAFSA or to find more information, visit fafsa.gov.

Additionally, Hopple says Ancilla is planning a few events to provide additional information to prospective students, “On Wednesday, January 20, we will be at Knox High School starting at 6 p.m. Central Time. We will be giving a more in-depth presentation. And again in March, we will have the FAFSA Filing Workshops free on-campus. We will post those on our website.”

For more information on those events, visit Ancilla.edu.