Culver Revises Building Permit Fees Following Numerous Discussions

culver-town-hallAn extended process to revise building permit fees in the Town of Culver has been completed.

During Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council meeting, an ordinance was revisited on second reading that would update fees charged for new construction and renovation projects to an increased level.

Reasons behind the change involve compensating the Marshall County government for the use of their building inspector and to ensure adequate operations in the Planning Department with the Town of Culver. Developing a fund for legal fees was also cited.

The Culver Town Council sent the initial version of the ordinance back to committee for revisions after contractors and community members expressed their dissatisfaction with the original proposal. Many said the fees were simply too high.

A revised version received the recommendation of the Plan Commission that still covered increased costs, but didn’t attempt to generate revenue off the construction. Culver sees a relatively high amount of new construction compared with other communities its size, including 21 homes constructed in 2015.

At their meeting earlier this month, Culver Town Council members expressed their desire to have a representative of the Town present to look out for their interests when it comes to new construction, including protecting views of the lake and a few shoreline issues. Marshall County is now allowing residents to receive building permits through an online service.

The Town Council adopted the revised ordinance on second and third reading, Tuesday night.

The new rates still need to be published as a notice with an effective date of May 4th anticipated.