Pseudoephedrine Regulation Proposed to Curb Meth Problem

Meth-300x168State lawmakers may consider further regulating cold medication sales in an effort to curb Indiana’s methamphetamine epidemic. Sen. Jim Arnold, D-LaPorte, says that’s one of several priority issues they will consider when they reconvene next week. He notes Indiana is the top state for meth production and says lawmakers need to find ways of harnessing the problem. A photo ID is already required to purchase cold medications containing pseudoephedrine from a pharmacy. Arnold says one proposal with bipartisan support would further tighten access to such drugs by requiring a prescription to obtain them.

Arnold says such a measure could have unintended consequences by driving up medical bills for families with sick children, for instance.

The Indiana General Assembly convenes for the year on Tuesday, Jan. 4th. Since this is a non-budget year their session will end in mid-March.