Plymouth Council Approves Fire Department Schedule Change

Plymouth IndianaThe Plymouth Common Council has approved an ordinance changing the Fire Department’s work schedule.

Currently, Fire Department employees work one day, followed by two days off. The new ordinance changes that to where employees work one day, get one day off, work one day, get one day off, work one day, and then get four days off. The new schedule wouldn’t change the total number of days each employee works. It’s already in use at some other fire departments, including South Bend and Mishawaka.

The change was requested be some Plymouth Fire Department employees. However, others in the department raised concerns that the new schedule wouldn’t give them enough time to rest between days they’re on duty and felt that such a large change should require a unanimous decision among employees.

Last month, the ordinance was narrowly approved on second reading by the Plymouth Common Council by a vote of three-to-two, but on Monday, the council unanimously approved the ordinance on third reading. The changes are set to go into effect during the month of January.