Keep Your Tree Fresh This Christmas

Christmas-tree-225x300If you’re planning on buying a live Christmas tree this year, there are a few things you should do to keep the tree fresh once you get it home. According to Hensler Nursery’s website, it’s possible to make a cut tree last for weeks by taking a few extra steps.

They say the first thing to do is choose a tree with no brown or dry needles and make a clean cut. Once you get it home, make another cut of a quarter to a half inch just before putting the tree in a stand.

After that, get the tree into water as soon as possible, and make sure the water basin is large enough to keep the bottom of the tree immersed in water at all times. According to Hensler Nursery, a six-to-seven-foot tree can take in over a quart of water each day. They say a tree can’t be over-watered, but if the tree is allowed to dry up, it wouldn’t be able to take up any additional water.

Finally, keep the tree away from heat sources and direct sunlight, and check lights before putting them on the tree to make sure they don’t give off significant amounts of heat.