Golf Cart Permit Fee Changes Cause Problems for Culver Town Council

culver-town-hallAn ordinance that specifies the use of golf carts within Culver’s Town Limits ran into a few problems, Tuesday night.

The matter was approved on first reading earlier this month. Golf carts are a common method of transportation during the warmer months in the lake community. The Town already has an ordinance in place regulating their use, but Town Administration has proposed changes to the way they’re used in Town and the fees associated with the proper permits.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says administering the permits create a big cost, prompting the proposed increases.

“We’re managing a lot of these now on the roads…It hits us at some point and we just thought it was pretty low,” says Munroe.

Permit fees would increase from $25 to $40, annually. Ideas have also been floated to allow the Culver Visitors Bureau to manage the permitting process.

Culver currently estimates around 300 golf carts are being used on their roadways during the summer months. It was noted that a significant increase in the number of golf carts has been seen over the past eight years.

Munroe says the Visitor’s Bureau idea simply provides them a means to sustain themselves.

“They’ve got to create revenue somehow, and why not provide one of the services that we have to pay for anyway,” says Munroe. “For me, it’s killing two birds with one stone.”

The ordinance also covers the use of buggies used by local Amish populations, but was recommended by members of the audience to be nixed or better defined.

Problems with the level of the increases were brought forward by members of the public. The Culver Town Council approved the ordinance amendments on second reading, but were unable to suspend the rules to take the measure to a final reading for passage.