Culver Prepares for Another Shot at Permit Fee Revamp

culver-town-hallCulver will take another crack at changing the way it imposes permit fees on local construction and renovation projects.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist says the Town’s Plan Commission has scheduled a public hearing for a new proposal on December 15th.

“If it’s approved there, it’ll be back here shortly thereafter,” says Leist.

He was referring to the Town Council as the step after the Plan Commission’s recommendation.

An initial proposal was defeated by the Town Council after members of the public expressed their discontent with the level of the increases. Those in attendance at previous Culver Town Council meetings felt the increases were unjustified compared to the services they were receiving.

Culver initially developed a model that would not only take into consideration the square footage of the construction, but also used a value multiplier to determine what the cost of any permit should entail.

Prior to defeat, the Culver Plan Commissioner sent a letter to Council members stating they had already developed a proposal that residents may find more appropriate.