Marshall County Tables Planning Agreement with Plymouth in Face of Heavy Workload

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Deb Griewank, Kevin Overmyer and Kurt Garner
Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Deb Griewank, Kevin Overmyer and Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners have decided to gather more information before signing an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Plymouth.

During their Monday morning meeting, the Commissioners met with Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi about the contract proposal. Marshall County would provide certain planning and zoning services to the city under the language.

Commissioner Deb Griewank says there’s been recent talk at the county level about the increased workload of the Plan Department.

“He has just become, in my idea and my suggestion too, that he has just become overwhelmed,” says Griewank. “So busy. So busy.”

In accordance with their recently adopted salary ordinance, Plymouth would pay a two-percent increase through 2016 for the services.

At least one commissioner believes that current Marshall County Plan Director Ralph Booker may be overwhelmed by his current workload.

Years ago, Plymouth maintained its own Plan Director, but nixed the service in favor of sharing the responsibility with Marshall County.

Surrisi says the city has been pleased with the county’s level of service.

“We found, at least from the city’s end, things have worked really well having Ralph [Booker] in place serving both the city and county,” says Surrisi.

The Marshall County Commissioners decided it was best to speak with employees in the Planning Department prior to making a decision.

The Commissioners tabled the matter until their next meeting.