Thanksgiving Meal Cost Hits 30 Year High

RoastTurkeyWithCranberryOrangeGlaze_710_376_s_c1_c_cAn informal survey of volunteer shoppers suggests the price of a 16-pound turkey has increased slightly for 2015.

This is the 30th year the American Farm Bureau Federation says their annual price survey has taken notes on classic items served during a Thanksgiving Day dinner. The survey asks around 140 shoppers around the nation to volunteer their time to note the price of items such as stuffing, pumpkin pie mix, rolls, and of course turkey. 32 states were observed in this year’s survey.

The total price for a 16-pound turkey came in at an average of $23.04. That’s an increase of 9-cents per pound compared to 2014. Prices were predicted to be much higher this year as a result of a highly transmissible Avian Influenza virus that affected both 4-H and trade shows in the Hoosier State. A drop in production is also noted by a Farm Bureau Federation economist.

Turkey was not alone in its price increases. This year pumpkin pie mix, rolls, stuffing, and pie shells topped the list for items seeing the largest year-over-year price increases.

Combination items or ingredients largely experienced a price decrease, including: whole milk, butter, onions, whipped cream.

According to information provided by the Farm Bureau Federation, the total cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 individuals has held steady at $49 since 2011. This is the first year prices have exceeded $50, on average.