Culver Redevelopment Commission Continues Business Program for Façade Improvement

Culver Welcome SignCulver businesses have another opportunity to be reimbursed for work on the front of their buildings.

The Culver Redevelopment Commission’s Façade Grant Program is still in its pilot stages and hopes to promote general maintenance while enhancing the look of Culver’s buildings.

The Façade Grant saw mixed reviews during an initial application period earlier this year, but members of the CRC had hopes more businesses would take advantage of the opportunity. In a bit of a revival, CRC members say the group still has about $20-thousand it would like to award by the end of this calendar year.

Grants are most likely to be awarded for projects restoring or repairing the façade of a building or structure. Replacement of doors, windows, awnings, lighting, and signage is also included in the list of eligible projects.

According to the rules, up to $10-thousand can be awarded per project, but only 50-percent of a project’s total cost may be reimbursed under the Façade Grant Program.

The Redevelopment Commission makes clear in its guidelines that work begun prior to the grant application is not eligible for funds. Sidewalks and paving is also excluded.

More information about the Façade Grant Program as well as an application for grant fund reimburse can be found on the Town of Culver’s website.