Ancilla College Officials Report Significant Enrollment Increase

Ancilla College NEWEnrollment at Ancilla College is up significantly for the 2015-16 school year. Officials attribute the 21 percent increase to the addition of the school’s first residence hall and new academic and athletic programs.

This is Ancilla’s first enrollment increase in seven years. The official fall count is 473 students. School officials have set a goal of 600 for next year and recently announced plans to build a second residence hall to accommodate another 100 or so students.

This year the school admitted 213 new students. President Dr. Ken Zirkle says that’s the highest number of new students who have enrolled at any college since 1994. Last year Ancilla welcomed 159 new students to the Donaldson campus.

Ancilla recently added an agriculture program and has plans to implement a culinary arts and hospitality curriculum as soon as the new dining hall is finished. The administration is also considering additional academic programs.

New athletic programs have also increased Ancilla’s profile. The school now has a total of 19 teams. Recent additions include women’s golf and soccer. They will be joined by men’s and women’s bowling, cross country, tennis, lacrosse and men’s wrestling in 2016.

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